Venezia Orientale zero-impact

Venezia Orientale Zero-impact: this is the main focus of the new Masterplan of Eastern Venice area for the period 2021-2027. On October 20th, the Negotiating Table unanimously approved the third Masterplan of the Eastern Venice area. The Plan was developed thanks to a dialogue process involving local key stakeholders, who agreed to commit themselves on strategic projects focusing on the reduction of the negative impacts of the local economic-productive system on the environment and on the climate, though the adoption of sustainability-oriented behaviours and styles. This new Masterplan was set up as a tool to achieve the goals set in the already approved area’s SECAP.

Launched in December 2020, the process was possible thanks to the coordination activity of VeGAL and of the local Conference of Mayors, and to the technical assistance and research activities ensured by Starter and by the colleagues of Terra, who composed the Masterplan through collecting the different inputs and suggestions. Starting from the socio-economic diagnosis of the area, the Masterplan identifies 10 thematic areas, arranged into 39 pilot projects and 78 interventions. Now, a systematic action will be activated to attract funds for their implementation.