Participatory scenarios: the EASW Co-design workshop for the new planning of the Eastern Venice wide Area

Many ideas and proposals emerged at the workshop held on 2 March in Ca ‘Corniani and which saw the participation of the mayors of the territory, the Veneto Region, trade associations, experts and private sector. Together, around a table in a consultation exercise, the participants were transported into 2027 and looked back at the territory with the satisfied eyes of those who spent their time in making it grow, imagining the interventions carried out. The workshop was held according to the EASW© methodology. This exercise allowed to identify the relevant initiatives and projects in the area, sharing them with the local actors. Thanks to Marco Abordi from Terra, for the wise guide, to Genagricola for welcoming and hosting, allowing us to carry out the initiative in full compliance with the Covid-19 rule, to VeGAL and Conference of the Mayors of Eastern Venice, who supported and promoted the initiative, and to all the participants who contributed to its success.