Call for proposals for NGOs

Call for proposals for NGOs
In the Italian Official Journal – General series – no. 4 of 7th January 2014 has been published a call for NGOs already appointed by the Ministry for foreign affaires. NGOs can apply for funding projects for information and education to development. The total amount of the call is 1 million europs and the deadline for submission of proposals is next 7th of March.
The call assigns priority to projects related to the thematic areas food safety, link between migrations and development, disadvantage.
Within these 3 thematic areas another priority will be given to projects focused on gender issues and preservation of the environment.
Moreover will be appreciated projects:

  • submitted by consortia of NGOs
  • foreseeing the participation of institutional organisations (i.e. Ministries, Local Authorities, Universities, etc.)
  • ensuring an influence at national level, supporting the equilibrium on different areas of the target country
  • guaranteeing high visibility, also through the linkage with important national events
  • keeping into considerations the commitments of Italy in the field of cooperation to development

The procedures for submitting proposals, the application form and fac-simile are available in the web site of the Ministry for foreign affaires.
Read the call (in Italian)