A new task for Starter: the SCORE project

The regional agency Veneto Agricoltura has charged Starter for the technical assistance to the implementation of the project SCORE – Sustainable & competitive resort – Development of a transboundary network for the promotion and valorization of the project area.
The project is co-funded by the transboundary cooperation programme Interreg Italia-Austria 2007-2013 and the main objective is to organise joint activities for promoting rural tourism in the territories of Cansiglio, Tarvisio, Salzburg and Karnten.
The project focuses the enforcement of the competitiveness of touristic sector within the project area mainly by mean of integrated tourist packages mutually recognised by the partners and jointly promoted at transboundary and international level. The project aims also to strengthen the linkage between tourism and agriculture promoting the inclusion of typical products and rural infrastructures within the integrated tourist packages, in
order to improve the visibility of the whole area and its excellences.
Moreover the objective of the project is to establish the basis for a permanent development of the area through the improvement of human resources (guides) and the creation of digital applications and web-based services suitable for a modern turistic exploitation of the area by autonomous visitors.
The end of the project has planned for December 2014.